Medicinal properties of peppermint

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    Mint, Mentha piperita L. in Latin, is a plant in the labiaceae family. Even though this plant comes from the Mediterranean countries, today its cultivation is widespread throughout the world (although it prefers temperate climates).

     It has been used since ancient times to enrich the aroma of stews, to prepare soft drinks, but it has also been known for its many properties and health benefits.

     People need to know that this plant has many medicinal properties in its composition. I recommend people to have this wonderful plant at hand.

     From the inside it can help us to:

  • First of all people need to know that a mint tea after a meal helps the body to benefit from easier digestion, because the components of mint activate salivation and secretion of digestive enzymes.
  • If you are one of the people who suffer from indigestion, heartburn or gas, I recommend drinking this tea, because it will ease these ailments.
  • Menthol, one of the essential oils in mint, makes it very effective in decongesting the airways and relieving cold symptoms.
  • In addition to these benefits, people should also know that its refreshing taste makes it ideal for combating bad breath and also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, thus contributing to good oral health.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • And last but not least, this tea will help people get rid of headaches and nausea

     The medicinal properties of mint externally help us:

  • First of all, people need to know that this plant is a very good antiseptic. It is very good for cleaning wounds.
  • It will soothe skin irritation from insect bites.
  • If your skin is full of impurities, mint will help us get rid of them.
  • Adding to the bath water will help us relax.
  • And last but not least, if we gargle with mint tea, we will be able to relieve sore throats.