L-Carnitine for weight loss

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        People need to know that the amino acid L-Carnitine has the role of helping to oxidize fats, promoting their elimination when used as fuel. Therefore, the function of L-carnitine would be to facilitate the use of fats.

     When people lack L-carnitine, due to fats that have more oxidation difficulties, they tend to remain or be eliminated very slowly from cells and bloodstream. Therefore, L-Carnitine is effective in losing weight, but also in fighting cholesterol and triglycerides.

     This combination of factors (weight loss and health) were the key to its success, as people are looking for products without side effects.

     Researchers have studied both for and against it. Most studies say that the benefits of taking L-Carnitine supplements for weight loss. At the University of Leipzig (Germany), Dr. Detlef Mueller concludes that L-Carnitine helps increase the “burning” of fat. Athletes and people taking L-Carnitine to lose weight also notice a higher level of energy, generally feeling less tired.

     L-Carnitine detractors claim that it will only burn fat and make people with low amino acids feel better. Remember that if our diet is varied and protein is not lacking, we should not, as a rule, have a low amino acid content.

     Experts say that a multivitamin plays a very important role in ensuring the required amount of B6, vitamin C, niacin, iron and methionine, which are nutrients that also contribute to the synthesis of L-carnitine.

     Specialists recommend taking this amino acid, one hour before physical activity or 30 minutes before any meal. Amino acids, as a rule, are always, if we want to take full advantage of their properties, a little more effective outside of meals.

     The conclusions drawn from these experiments are that, in order to lose weight, most herbs, supplements or therapies work or work much more effectively only when there is a balanced diet. Our body can always perform its functions more efficiently when it is well nourished.

     The same thing happens with exercise and this is because it helps our body eliminate toxins, use insulin more effectively and have less anxiety about food, less constipation, etc. Of course, with a balanced diet and little exercise, people will improve without L-Carnitine, but it is clear that if they take it, they will probably reach their goal a little earlier.

     People need to realize that eliminating extra pounds is a slightly more complex issue than taking a single capsule of any nutrient or medicinal plant. We don’t have to put all our expectations in the “magic capsule”, but nutrients like L-C-carnitine are welcome to lose weight without side effects.