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     Hydrants are known to me by some people as floral waters and aromatic waters. These are the results of the distillation of plants, shrubs and trees. The term that best suits is hydrolyzed, because they are not only obtained from flowers, but can be obtained from bark, leaves, needles and fruits.

     Many people have the impression that this is a by-product of distillation, but often plant distillations are made for the sole purpose of obtaining hydrolate.

     Remember that when steam is distilled from a plant, we get two products: one aqueous (hydrated) and the other oily (essential oil). These two products contain molecules with the active principles of the plant.

     People need to know that hydrolate is not just water from distillation, but water along with the water-soluble molecules of the plant. Its properties are not exactly the same as those of the essential oil obtained in the same distillation, but it has active principles and therapeutic effects.

     Because their base is distilled water, they have a wide spectrum of application:

  • External path. If you are one of the people who apply it externally, you will not need to dilute it (if we do it will be in water or alcohol, do not forget that water and oil do not mix) .In principle it is used as: tonic for face and hair, mouthwashes, cosmetics, deodorants, cologne, baths, etc.
  • The internal path. Compared to essential oils, hydrates are quite safe inside. It will depend on the quality, storage conditions of the hydrolate and the dose.
  • Dosage. If you want to use it for internal use, it must be diluted. In most cases, put 15 ml. of hydrolyzate in 1 liter of water and is taken throughout the day. These photos can be taken in a maximum of 3 weeks or 21 days, then rest for a week and start again if you wish.
  • Home applications: they can be used as an air freshener (steaming it directly or in a diffuser), as iron water and thus leaving a pleasant smell on clothes, you can add it to the washing machine for the same purpose.
  • Cuisine: Hydrosides are widely used in desserts, the best known being Azahar or Neroli hydrosol. Also, to prepare soft drinks, cocktails, etc. The doses indicated by the manufacturer or manufacturer must always be observed.

     People should also know that they have a very high therapeutic level, such as: sedative, bactericidal, soothing, digestive, antiseptic, etc.

     They are also used in psycho-aromatherapy, because the prices of hydrates are much cheaper than essential oils. This provides greater access to scents such as Neroli or Rosa, which in essential oils are often inaccessible at prices.