Coffee properties for the health

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     People need to know that coffee is made up mostly of caffeine. This is a psychoactive substance widely consumed in society today, which is also found in other beverages such as tea, mate, cocoa and cola. Researchers say that the concentrations of caffeine or other substances (phenolic compounds, etc.) in a cup of coffee vary depending on:

  • Variety of coffee beans. They come from several seeds, so there are 2 types of botanical species with which different types of coffee are made. The first type is the robbust, which comes from Central Africa and is the most abundant species, because it has in its composition the highest amount of caffeine, has the bitterest taste, is less digestive and creamier. People should know that this type benefits from yellowish berries. And the second type is called Arabica, and comes from Ethiopia. It is considered the highest quality, because it has in its composition half of the caffeine of the robust variety, it is more aromatic, smooth and digestive. The 2nd cell type berries are oval and greenish
  • Other factors also influence the taste and properties of coffee are the degree of roasting and its preparation. The degree of frying is done against more steaks, more caffeine and fewer phenolic compounds. People can consume coffee without roasting and without grinding (green coffee). Avoid drinking burnt coffee. Coffee is prepared in several ways (with Italian coffee filter or mocha, filter or drip filter, piston coffee filter, Turkish coffee, espresso coffee, vacuum coffee filter, instant coffee, etc.): in the prepared with instant (soluble) coffee, the amount of caffeine was considerably lower than that of espresso coffee in the cafe, and mocha type coffee (Italian coffee filter) is the one that extracts the most caffeine, then there is the type of espresso and in finally the American type (filter or drip coffee filter).

     In this article I will tell you some benefits and properties of coffee. These are:

  • Its composition contains antioxidant properties. These are phytosterols, chlorogenic acid and other flavonoids.
  • With its help you can prevent fluid retention. I mean, it’s a diuretic
  • Another property of coffee is the laxative effect.
  • Vasoconstrictors: analgesics, anti-migraines.
  • In addition to these benefits, it also activates the central nervous system, ie improves concentration, helps you stay awake and increases energy.
  • With the help of coffee you increase your performance in sports.
  • Promoting digestion, as it causes the stomach and liver to secrete more enzymes, is another interesting property of coffee.
  • Metabolic stimulant: lose weight, but is not effective alone against obesity.
  • Green coffee has even more properties (lipolysis, glycemic control, antioxidants, thermogen …) without the side effects of coffee.