Carbohydrate addiction

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     People need to know that the following foods are very rich in carbohydrates: rice, wheat, oats, millet, barley, rye etc., potato, sweet potato, carrot, beet etc., bread, pastries, milk, candy, ice cream, desserts, juices, etc. That’s why you need to know that the more refined the food, the richer it is in carbohydrates.

     If carbohydrates are metabolized in the body, then they begin to release a large amount of glucose, and because of this we will benefit from a strong energy all day. People also need to know that if they consume too much, their body will receive a “wave” of glucose, and the brain, which is the main “consumer” of glucose, receives it with satisfaction. It releases serotonin, which is responsible for “making us feel good.” Therefore, we all look for candy when we feel bad.

     Experts say that when the body gets too much glucose in the blood, it releases insulin so that the excess decreases. When this operation is too common, you will need more and more doses to do the same. Finally, the body does not react with difficulty.

     This process is called insulin resistance. Its consequences are disastrous for health: we can lead to diabetes, because the body can not lower excess glucose; we can start “producing” cholesterol and become hypertensive. It’s called metabolic syndrome and it’s the scourge of the 21st century. Fat is deposited in the waist and obesity is established by forced walking.

     Studies have shown that both maximum and minimum glucose values ​​determine a true “roller coaster” in our level and state of energy. Now I am very vital, now submerged. Game, depressed. Every time we eat in a more compulsive way.

     People who suffer from this condition feel that they are losing control and that anxiety is stronger than the will. This makes him feel bad every time he eats and his self-esteem drops. Now you know how drug addicts feel, without your dose of food, every hour and a half or every two, you feel faint.

     The dives become deeper and deeper and you must always have something to eat (cakes, juices, purees, sweets, snacks, etc.). Every time he eats in a more messy and faster way.

     If you are one of the people addicted to carbohydrates, I recommend that you start “working” on this addiction, so as not to consume so many carbohydrates. They can harm the body.